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Celebrant For All Reasons

Ceremony is most commonly known for such grand occasions as a Wedding to celebrate the commitment and union of two people, or for a more formal, but profound occasion such as a Funeral to commemorate the life and the passing of those we have loved and valued, even if it is a beloved pet. Ceremony can be used to mark significant transitions in a person’s life, special birthdays or life events, house-blessings or as a means of offering healing and support in more traumatic circumstances.

My name is Michelle and I have successfully completed the Certificate of Celebrant Studies at the Celebrant School, in which our training encompasses so many aspects of ceremony, in different cultures, in history, and to meet the varied needs of people today.

My service endeavour inside the role of Celebrant For All Reasons, is to work with clients to create a most sincere and unique ceremony to meet the needs of the occasion being commemorated. My love is to help people and in this capacity my skills of having successfully done so in many and varied ways throughout my life is fully available to you.

My life experience has always been on the front line, professionally in my occupations, in my involvements with various charitable organisations, and in my own personal spiritual pursuits. You will be treated with warmth, care and respect and will be working with a celebrant of good character and skill to honour your special occasion with reverence and good heart.

I look forward to working with you.